Getting to the course

First let us talk about getting to the course.  There are a number of different ways one can get to the golf course.  It really depends how much “swagger” you want to bring with you.  Bring your own car?  Sure that is an option.  But remember if your driving your own car to the course your not drinking any adult beverages on the course either.  What about Uber or Lyft?  Well sure that is a great idea.  You can always grab a ride share car, as long as they have room in the trunk for your golf bag.  What other options could there be?  How about arriving in style.  A town car or professionally driven Limousine.  Now depending on the event of course.  I wouldn’t recommend taking a stretched limousine to a pick up game or even a local tournament.  Try starting with a nice black town car or even small SUV.  Most limo companies have lot of options.  You are not stuck to the typical super stretched limousine just for yourself.  If you are looking for more Ideas on traveling to the course with “swagger” check out VIP Transportation.  These guys will get you wherever you are going in style.   Now let’s get back to learning more about this amazing game of golf!  Check out the video below.